It is a terrifying and exhausting endeavor to worry about every potential addition to our food. I don’t think any human alive can keep up with the literature on what’s good for you and what’s bad. Half of it is horseshit anyway. The real trouble is that not all of it is shenanigans, so peons like myself are left holding the bag in terms of sorting the wheat from the chaff. Maybe this is my Western MA roots talking, but in lieu of a reliable authority on these things, I tend to go with the whole “eat stuff that grew from the ground with minimal outside influence” bit. Being a raw gluten-free vegan is just too much for me to keep track of. I’m weak. And I also love dairy.
On a separate note, this will be (it feels strange to write the words) my last post for Unnatural 20. I am staring down the barrel of medical school, and between that and the move that it necessitates my time has been trimmed significantly. Hopefully you kids have still been enjoying, but I don’t want to arrive at a point where I’m sacrificing the quality of Floyd’s and my shared baby.
And what a productive larva it has become. I imagine I’ve suggested this before, because it fills me with delight, but go back to our first comic. Now grab something from the last month or so. Like…who were those guys from the beginning? What started as a half-baked idea one afternoon in Floyd’s living room has matured into quite a thing. We’ve gone from a random wordpress with only our mom’s reading (if that) to broadening to things like ComicChameleon and writing side projects like our Christmas epic.
And Floyd is the real mother of this brood. I’ve been more like a drone who occasionally tends the eggs. Floyd has been constantly working his craft, trying to expand the fan base, and all-in-all putting himself out there. He’s made this comic a thing with which I am proud to be associated. He’s got a lot of exciting plans, for Unnatural 20 and beyond. I may be departing, dear reader, but keep your eyes faithfully on this spot to watch Floyd’s burgeoning oeuvre.
So long folks. I leave you with the song of my people.