I know they were limited by “movie magic” but I always hoped there’d be more aliens like this in Star Trek.  I’ve been watching a lot of Voyager  lately and I really like it.  It was around this time last year, I think, that I started watching Deep Space Nine which quickly became my favorite Start Trek thereafter.  I hadn’t seen almost any of DS9, so it was all fresh.  On the other hand, I’ve seen many episodes of Voyager as a human child but really didn’t get into it a whole ton.  I think it was mostly that I couldn’t get into it, I was too immature to appreciate it.

I really like twitter, it’s a lot of fun.  I was doing an exercise in writing yesterday using Twitter, just trying to be snappy.  I came up with a funny joke about Burger King and Tim Horton’s that at the time I thought was just a punch line, just a gag.  After a series of tweets back and forth with another tweep I realized there was a lot more joke there.  And that’s a little something I’ve lost with Bjorn off the project.

I’ve been exploring new (and better) ways to write comics (both funnies and dramatic ones) but the sounding board of a two person collaboration is something I miss.  But it’s something you miss only when you realize it’s not there.  Not Bjorn the person – I spoke with him yesterday – but Bjorn the creative mechanism is something I’ve relied heavily on.

I’m actively trying to step up my game, though, and Bjorn leaving the strip was probably the best thing for that.  Especially since he’s not going to write comics but become a doctor (like on Star Trek).  So I should thank him soon, and cherish this time as a metapod cherishes it’s journey toward butterfree