This is a fanfic that rivals the Dornian Heresy.  Maybe.  I rewatched Guardians a little while ago with some friends and – spoilers – it’s still fantastic.  I grabbed it for my dad for Christmas on DVD.  He likes to watch movies and I think this one hits every single one of his favorite things.  Plus, I just know he’s going to love Chris Pratt.

Legends of Fomora is moving along at a great clip.  I got some help from Chris Collins in developing the site and it’s made leaps and bounds from when I first set it up.  I’m knee deep in inks right now.

I’ve got a couple WIP pieces to show you.

Baeve Life Sketches

I called this one “life sketches.” I was playing around with different elements you might see in Fomora, and with Baeve.  She’s made strides since the bottom of the panel, especially those two that were never inked.  Yuck.  But the spirit of the character remains unchanged.  Here she is from a page I was inking the other night:

Baeve Angry

Those aren’t her books.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to pushing it on you for real.  I’ll keep you posted on the status and send you an update on the Facebook page etc.  In the meantime, Ready Your Shield.