This is allegedly untrue.  Though all my team has been able to confirm is that he did see a cadavre.  Because he’s training to be a doctor.  It’s something I’m constantly amazed by.

Speaking of dead things, my fiancee and I are hosting the Great Devouring, or as many American humans have come to call it, Thanksgiving.  We also host an event called Thanksgiving II, where friends get black friday deals of Friendship in exchange for leftovers.  Between these two events I’m looking forward to some local multiplayer.  Nintendo’s release of the Mario Kart DLC last week was perfectly timed!  It may allow us to put off the acquisition of the new Super Smash ’til the Winter Solstice.

Given this, The Master Chief Collection looks like it’d be a great candidate for real time brother co-op, and if Diablo III has a drop in/out feature we’re doomed in this house.

The social aspect of the hobby is one of the strongest parts.