Hey gang, Floyd here.  We’re taking a slight detour from a normal strip, hope you don’t mind.


I’ve been working on this character for a while, I got jump started with some help from Dr. Mox and then Bjorn helped me flesh out a lot of details.  He’s still working it with me, and there’s still a lot of work to do.  But after PAX, I’ve just been a little tired and rather than draw a strip, I just wanted to play in manga studio – so I started really defining this character, colors and all.

I’ve been drawing heavily on women like Boudicca, Merida (from Pixar’s Brave), and a lot of women from Celtic mythology.  I don’t know why, but I was bit by the rich mythology of Ireland. I asked my mom for some pictures of our trip to Dingle Bay a few years ago, to really capture that kind of a background.  I like the idea of the climate, but I’m also thinking more of a forested area.

I’ve been thinking a lot about longevity lately.  Both in terms of story telling and my own personal life. When we first started U20, I had it in my head to tell stories that were longer form, but still fun [it would be very hard for me to divorce comics from comedy].  Bjorn persuaded me otherwise – which I’m very glad that he did. I wasn’t ready to tell anything more grandiose than a fart joke.  I may still not be, but I’m ready to seriously explore.

Anyway, I think sharing is important for growth, so thanks for sharing this with me and helping me grow artistically.  I think we’ll see more of this.